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Hi, I'm Rebecca Bowden

I help businesses grow online.
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Digital Marketing + Entrepreneur

I’m Rebecca Bowden, a digital marketer and entrepreneur. I help businesses grow their revenue online through SEO, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. You can find more about my digital marketing services at MintMetrics.

I live in Fort Collins, CO. I love camping and skiing. I write about many of my outdoor and culinary adventures on my blog, The Backcountry Kitchen

Working Remotely

Tips + Tricks on working remotely and finding your ideal job. Plus, city guides for my favorite places to work while traveling (you know – that digital nomad life!) I’m currently living in Colorado, but I’ve spent the last 4 years working remotely while traveling across 20+ countries. I still work from home, co-working spaces, or coffee shops around Fort Collins, CO. 


Cape Town
South Africa


How to Grow Your Business Online

Let’s face it. Growing your business online is tough. One person tells you to focus on SEO, while another will say your top channel is Instagram.

Where do you start? 

Learn how to build an EFFECTIVE digital marketing strategy – without losing your mind!